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I'm running because...

“Hello everybody, my name is Chris and I am a Co-ordinator on Salford Foundation’s Engage Trafford mentoring programme.

I have chosen to run the Manchester 10k this year for a number of reasons. One of which is the obvious health benefits I receive by participating, such as improved cardiovascular fitness, lower risk of disease and maintaining a healthy weight. Having completed the run in years gone by, I know the positive impact that participating has on other aspects of my life as well. In particular my confidence, self-esteem and level of motivation to get back into fitness generally have all increased in the days, weeks and months after the event.

However, the primary reason for running the Manchester 10k this year has nothing to do with me, my life, or my health, but is instead, all to do with supporting the fantastic work that The Salford Foundation Trust does. It is simply unfair for any young person to be excluded, and miss out on the opportunity to pursue an interest that they are passionate about, or activity that they excel in, due to the fact they come from a deprived background and can simply not afford to do so. The grants that The Salford Foundation Trust provide for young people between the ages of 5 and 25 are vital in breaking down the barriers to participation, by providing funding for things such as specialist kit and equipment, tuition fees and providing new opportunities.

Being a mentor for young people between the ages of 8-16 years old, I get to work directly with many of whom are from deprived backgrounds and who are unable to pursue their interests due to the barrier of having limited finances available. When this barrier is removed all together, young people are able to flourish, delve into their creative minds, fulfill their burning desires, experience new things and enjoy life more and it is simply ludicrous to deny anybody the ability to do that based on how much money their family has.

However… this is only made possible with donations from generous local businesses and members of the public.

That is why I believe everybody should get involved and support the work that The Salford Foundation Trust is doing in the local community. Whether it’s by participating in the run on behalf of The Salford Foundation Trust, or simply donating, no matter how big or small via, your help and support will potentially change a young person’s life by providing them with opportunities they otherwise would be exempt from.”

Chris Hill, Salford Foundation Co-ordinator and Great Manchester 10K Runner 2019

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