Aeryn's story

In 2016 the Trust supported 11 year-old Aeryn with a grant for rock climbing equipment. Aeryn's mum Kerry tells her story:

"Aeryn first started climbing with her dad and sister when she was 5 years old but could only go every so often. A friend introduced her to the NICAS climbing award scheme meaning she could attend more regularly and learn from professionals. Aeryn started the NICAS scheme in September and has achieved levels 1, 2 and 3 over the year. The first few focussed on top roping meaning the ropes are fixed in place. When she completed level 3, we were not sure if we could afford for her to continue and we knew she would need more equipment to reach the higher levels and be able to practice in her own time. Thanks to The Salford Foundation Trust, Aeryn now has her own rope and Gri gri2 meaning she can tackle levels 4 and 5 which includes lead climbing where she has to clip the rope in herself as she climbs. She hopes to complete level 4 this year and start level 5 which will include competitions and some very challenging climbs".

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