The Salford Foundation Trust is a grant-giving charity which helps children and young people in Salford develop a hobby, talent, interest, skill or enterprise. We provide financial assistance to children and young people experiencing particular hardship where financial circumstances may be a barrier to them developing their talents, accessing training or realising their ambitions.

Since 2004 we have supported more than 370 children and young people in Salford through our grants.

Our Hobbies, Interests, Talents and Skills Grants of to £500 help children and young people in Salford to develop their hobbies, interests, skills and talents by providing funding where family financial circumstances limit opportunities. The grants typically fund activities, equipment or training courses relating to music, performing arts, sport or vocational study where funding is unavailable from any other source. Applicants must be aged 5-25 and have lived in Salford for a minimum of 3 years. 

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